The 5 Most Popular Pragmatic Play Casino Games

There are hundreds of casino software development companies based around the world, all vying for the attention of casino platforms and players. The sector is incredibly competitive, and, as with other industries, it can see trending brands, success stories, and failures. At the moment, there are few companies that can compare with Pragmatic Play in […]


The winners of The Winning Summer 2022

Thank you all for your participation in our Winning Summer Game !   A quick reminder : From July 4 to August 31, go in search of objects hidden in the sand! Earn up to 500,000 tokens and try to win a prize every 15 days in a draw!   The two first draws has […]

The winner of the Flag Hunt Game 2022 !

Thank you all for your participation in our Flag Hunt Game !   A quick reminder : From June 10 to July 1st, look for the flags hidden in the Wannawin’s pages to win up to 100.000 tokens, and a Lenovo Smart Tab M8 8″ 32Go in the final draw !   The draw has […]

Online Casino Games: The Importance of the Software Developers

Most casino players will be well aware of the fact that individual casinos do not produce their own games. In a sense, casinos are somewhat like movie theaters. Just as theaters will show movies from Disney, Warner Bros., New Line Cinema, and so on, casinos will house games from developers like Playtech, Microgaming, NetEnt, and […]

The winner of the Victoria Day Game 2022 !

Thank you all for your participation in our Victoria Day Game !   A quick reminder : From May 12 to 31, answer the question of the day by finding the right answer to win up to 105,000 tokens ! And get a chance to win a $100 cash prize !   The draw has […]

Honing Your Strategy for Playing Live Casino Game Shows

One of the reasons that casino games have held a sense of mystique down the years is due to the fact that few people can agree on the best strategy. If you take something like roulette, even today, scientists and mathematicians are still arguing over different theories around the probabilities of the game. Hundreds of […]

Guide to winning at Blackjack

If you’ve watched the classic blockbuster movie “21”, starring Kevin Spacey, you’ve probably heard of or come across the widely known game of Blackjack, which has been around for hundreds of years, to be a bit more vague, it was first seen somewhere in the early 18th century.  It was first introduced in casinos across […]

How To Get Better at Sports Betting in 2022

Sports betting is gaining more traction in 2022, thanks to mobile betting technologies. Today, you do not need your PC to place sports wagers because you can easily do that via your smartphone. As the market grows, we are seeing new punters join, which is why we have prepared this guide. If you are trying […]

The winner of the Easter Game 2022 !

Thank you all for your participation in our Easter Game !   A quick reminder : From April 11 to 30, go and look for the hidden Easter eggs in the pages of Earn 110.000 tokens and win a Samsung Galaxy A03 Core 32GB Smartphone!   The draw has been made ! Congratulations to […]


The winner of the Spring Game 2022 !

Thank you all for your participation in our Spring Game !   A quick reminder : From March 14 to 31, look in the garden for the hidden objects to win up to 70.000 tokens and get a chance to win a $100 cash prize by drawing lots !   The draw has been made […]